DEPROGRAM YOURSELF. Get rid of limiting beliefs

The biggest prisoner is who doesn’t know he is imprisoned.


Have you ever wondered why you decided to come to Earth?


What would Jesus do if he lived today?


About me

Since I was very young I tried to find answers to the big questions, searching for them in what we consider in Europe reliable sources: science, religion and philosophy. Since I did not find anything good enough, I tried to resign myself to living a comfortable and conventional life amidst an absurd world. But I could not stop searching, since it is in my nature. One day as another I read a book that provided me with some answers that made me experience a deep catharsis. And I understood that answers were available if I moved away from the consented beliefs. Thus, I found more answers in alternative circles and dubious books, and I realized things in our world were upside down, since the reliable and respectable knowledge was empty, while the alternative contents that provided answers were considered laughable by the media and mainstream society. Since then I try to make the answers less hidden and ridiculed, and I share them in the most simple and enjoyable way I am capable of, in the hope that very soon they will be the reliable and respectable answers we offer our children.


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