The thirst for love

The thirst for love is not quenched by searching for it, but by being its Source.

The Beatles said that all we need is love. But actually, all we need is to love.
If you look around you, you will find many people who are unhappy, despite being loved by their relatives, friends and even miriads of fans.
But you won’t find any unhappy loving person.
(Of course by love I mean unconditional non-possessive love).

You may feel temporarily unable to love, and that is fine.
But when it feels right, try to find the energy and the compassion to start loving yourself.
You have not only the right but the duty to make yourself your first priority.
Then let that healthy love for you grow more and more.
Pretty soon your overflowing love will spill out to others, improving their lives.

It may sound simple, but… truth is never complicated.



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